Guten Biken first opened in March 2010. After many evenings imagining and discussing the ultimate bike shop, two good friends, Kevin White and Davo Phillips, found the perfect location in the courtyard of Herrnstr. 28. The original space was an empty, a desolate hole in the ground, but after a lot of blood, sweat and even some tears, it began looking like a real business in no time. To see how the Guten Biken garage has developed over time click here The Guten Biken Garage





It was an old friend of Kev's who first spoke the words "Guten Biken". Zak was visiting from New York and having a bit of German under his belt from relatives who lived in Bermerhaven when he was a kid, Zak was always keen to drop a few phrases in when given the chance. One evening on the way back from the beer garden, the boys were jumping off a bridge over the canal when, between jumps, two women rode past on bikes but conspicuously ignored Zak's friendly "Guten Abend" greeting - and fair enough, they were all standing there in their boxers. Still, shocked by their rudeness, he countered with more congeniality, yelling after them, "Well, then Guten Biken!", and the rest is history. When Davo and Kev decided to open a bike shop, James, who was also there on that glorious night, said, "Guys, you HAVE to name the shop Guten Biken. There's just no other option!". So there you have it, and here we are. To see some photos of the garage and our famous annual BBQ click here The Guten Biken BBQ




Our logo is the genius of our head mechanic, Rossco. Trained as a photographer and with a graphic design background, Rossco simply combined a taste of Bavaria with his love of bikes - and that's our man on the logo. In 2011 the name and logo was copyrighted and is now the proud property of Kev & Davo.
To read more about Kev, Davo, Rossco and the rest of the team click The Guten Biken Team